Espoir: A Tale of Sugar, Silence, and Secrets (part five)

Gail Marlene Schwartz, Gail Writes Copywriting Editing

December 20, 2016

After seven days and seven nights, Autumn arrived at a clearing and a babbling brook and hopped off Cedar. “I think this is our new home,” she said, patting the horse’s neck. She remembered a book Reneé had given her years ago, when she was 10 and curious about building. The book gave young readers step-by-step instructions to design and build their own unique tree house. She and Renée built one together and took a selfie of them inside their masterpiece high in the branches of a sturdy oak. Autumn printed the photo and placed it in a frame and it had sat on her dresser ever since.

Because Autumn had a photographic memory and a great mind for math, she was able to remember the book’s instructions and build herself another tree house. In a couple of days, she had constructed her new home, complete with a room on the ground level for Cedar.

The wind blew in months and then years as Autumn relied on her creativity and resourcefulness to make a life for herself and Cedar. She gathered wild berries and nuts and seeds. She drank from the stream, and daydreamed in the sun during the afternoon on the granite rocks. She made a garden and hunted when necessary. In colder weather, she wrote letters in her journal to Renée and sang songs to Cedar, “Prend un enfant par la main,” “The Sounds of Silence,” “Dernière Danse.” She stretched. Prayed. Meditated. During those frigid winter months, Autumn slept deeply, lulled by the quiet snowy nights.

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