Espoir: A Tale of Sugar, Silence, and Secrets (part six)

Gail Marlene Schwartz, Gail Writes Copywriting Editing

December 21, 2016

One spring as Autumn was hanging her few garments out to dry, she heard the sound of an airplane in the distance. This was the first sign of life in over five months. She was both curious and a bit afraid. She saw it fly overhead, a small blue propeller plane with just one person, the pilot. But trailing the plane were clouds of thick black smoke. She then heard a falling sound as the plane careened to the ground, crashing against the rocky terrain.

Autumn ran to the clearing in the forest and saw the plane engulfed in flames. She ran to the cockpit, pried it open, grabbed the pilot under his armpits and dragged him out of the wreckage and behind a cluster of rocks. In less than a minute later, the plane exploded.


She took the pilot back to the hut and nursed his wounds. She knew she couldn’t heal him with her will alone but she did tend to him with love and devotion and his body began to respond. After three days he opened his eyes; at first he was agitated, sweaty, confused, but her smile was like magic and after Autumn explained everything, he settled back down. The next day he sipped a cup of weak honeysuckle tea. The day after he ate a piece of toast with wild blackberry jelly. In a few weeks, he was walking, talking, and eating normally.

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