New corporate identity and website Medium Margriet

Medium Margriet is a psychic in The Netherlands. Over the years she used the same website and logo for a long time untill she decided she wanted something new. I designed her new logo, her new website and 2 commercial online banners so she could advertertise. Margriet was very happy with the result!

New design Mocienne Petit Jackson

After Mocienne Petit Jackson claims to be the daughter of Michael Jackson, she is being accused of alot of things. To set the record straight, she wrote her own true story and had that translated in different languages. For every language we build a website to sell her book.

New website: Hortis legal

Hortis legal owns many different domain names. One onf those domain names attracted a lot of traffic, so they asked us to design a website for that domain what is in line of their corporate identity. Mission accomplished!

New website and logo

Wendy Bosch is a fantastic copywriter and journalist in the Netherlands. She asked me to design her new logo and website!