Friends, many of you sent us fabulous and inspiring words for our December story project. On December 16th, we’ll post the finished product in eight installments on our websites with teasers and links on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Here is the list of 72 words we worked with:

Sand, magic, wind, rush, green, envy, creativity, answer, solution, Snooker, wristwatch, airplane, snowy, night, no, room, inn, baby, love, surprise, powerful, dark, chocolate, horses, beach, millionaire, Phil Collins, school, friendship, autumn, motorbike, friends, candle, music, cat, botulism, snickerdoodle, begonia, weathervane, summersault, meditation, sparkle, hedgehog, cedar, dreamer, blanket, moon, enfant, danse, espoir, spontanéité, environnement, amour, bucket, universe, travel, litter box, armpit, jelly, ennui, complicit, tenderness, community, witness, secret, steaming, sugar, sale, splendid, silence.
Stay tuned!