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During the summer of 2016, Gail Marlene Schwartz and Mireille van IJperen met on OWN IT (, a network platform for small businesses. Gail, working as a successful copywriter/editor in the U.S. and Canada, was looking to to join forces with a design professional. Mireille, a successful designer in The Netherlands, was looking to expand her business’ reach outside Europe. We chatted, exchanged portfolios, and saw the infinite possibilities in working together to deliver stronger and more creative turnkey products for our clients. So we decided to start with a trial collaboration for the holidays.

In November, each of us asked our networks to share up to six words with the challenge of using all of them in a short story. With the 72 words we received, Gail set to work writing the story and when she finished, Mireille conceived and crafted the illustrations. In the week before Christmas we posted the story in eight parts, one per day, on each of our websites, using the words given by our networks. Parts one, three, five, and seven are on Gail’s blog ( and parts two, four, six, and eight on Mireille’s (

We would like to thank you for all your inspiring words and taking part in our project. Now we would love to help you with your story, whatever it is. If you need a copywriter for your website, brochure, or blog, don’t hesitate to ask Gail. If your logo or website needs a design update, connect with Mireille. If you need a complete package with words and images, let’s have a conversation to find out how our skills can help you meet your goals for 2017.

We hope you all enjoyed reading the story as much as we did making it together. We wish you happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2017!

Design begins with listening carefully and read between the lines to discover what a design should say. I’ve been passionate about design since I started in 1995. Design is all about becoming the link between supplier and customer. It’s always a challenge to put all the ideas of a client into a design where the client says: ‘Yes, thats what I meant!’


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I’m a writer passionate about helping businesses, organizations, and individuals meet their goals by finding the clearest, liveliest, and most engaging expression of their ideas. Whether it’s producing web copy or press releases, newsletters or social media content, my team and I provide the writing skills, professionalism, and experience necessary to catapult your project to the next level.

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